Holy Land

A pilgrimage to the Holy Land is a unique and unforgettable experience where you can live the most important stage of history in the most sacred place in the world.

The Holy Land is a geographical area that includes all the places where biblical scenes took place in both the Old and New Testaments.

This concept has evolved, as evidenced by the passages of Scripture. Some biblical sources are limited to the Promised Land, which has different interpretations; for others, it refers to all the territories where certain biblical scenes took place.

The name of the Holy Land refers to the historical and religious fact of the sacredness of the earth according to the Judeo-Christian conception.

In Israel, the center of Christianity, you will visit: Nazareth, Galilee, Mount Tabor, and Jerusalem, the place of faith and hope; you will visit the Holy Sepulcher, the Mount of Olives and the Via Dolorosa, and others. In Jordan, you’ll learn essential stories from the Bible and tour the Treasury, one of the eight wonders of the modern world.

In this guide, we will visit the most interesting places in the Holy Land and offer various exciting independent travel services: tourist tips, tours, accommodation, and more.

Through your trip to the Holy Land, you will know the place where Jesus Christ was born and developed during his life, as well as biblical passages, sermons, miracles, passion, death, and resurrection. That is why the pilgrimage to the Holy Land has become one of the best experiences of Christian religious tourism.

On our pilgrimage to Jerusalem, we will walk the Via Crucis, the Via Dolorosa, we will admire the mysterious path to Golgotha, the summit of Golgotha, with a visit to the interior of the Holy Sepulchre, where we will firmly believe that Christ has indeed risen!

We will visit the Western Wall, the Church of Saint Anne, and the Bethesda Pond, where the sick wait for an angel to stir the waters and be healed. We will visit the Mount of Olives and see the Ascension and the Pater Noster, where Jesus taught the prayers of his disciples.

As we continue our journey, remembering the path Jesus took on the victorious road to Jerusalem, our journey will assume us to a stop at Dominus Flevit, where Jesus wept at the sight of the city of Jerusalem. We will end our trip at Dominus Flevit, Gethsemane. , in the olive grove, where we remember the beginning of the Passion and where ancient olive trees are preserved to this day. We will visit the Basilica of the Agony. We will then travel to Mount Zion to visit King David’s Tomb, Cenacle, and Franciscan Cenacle. We will continue visiting different places, such as the Monastery of Our Lady of Mongolia and Saint Peter in Gallicantu.

You will also have the opportunity to extend your tour with our trips to the Holy Land and Jordan, where in addition to your pilgrimage to Israel, you will learn essential stories from the Bible and visit the Treasury, one of the eight wonders of modern times in the world, as well as a trip to Mount Nebo.

A trip to the Holy Land for a Christian is not a tourist trip but a pilgrimage. In other words, an enriching opportunity to see Jesus and his saving work in the places where the events took place.

For this reason, the pilgrimage to the Holy Land must be carried out in a spirit of prayer: not only “see,” listen to the narration, and take photographs, but also “hear” the silent words of the places you visit to find new life, words inspired by the Holy Spirit, like the words of the Bible.

The pilgrimage to the Holy Land is a remarkable encounter with the “history of salvation,” with the miraculous and merciful intervention of God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, to restore and give birth to all men in close union with Him. Each place you visit will invite you to ask yourself: “What does this place tell me? What perspective can I improve to be more like Jesus? What should I eliminate from my way of thinking, speaking, or acting?

A pilgrimage to the Holy Land is an unforgettable spiritual journey that will strengthen your faith. Our experienced tour guides and in-depth region knowledge will make your trip a life-changing experience.

Reserve your place today, and let us show you the most notable biblical sites in the world.

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