Egypt & Sinai

Egypt is the cradle of civilization, the land of heavenly religions, and the sacred place where most prophets and messengers have always lived and traveled. With Fidelis Tours, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the best of Egypt’s religious and spiritual tours among our wonderful Egypt tours. This type of travel is not new, as Egypt has always been a place of pilgrimage throughout history, since the dawn of written history, when the ancient Egyptians saw their lives as a journey through the outside world, they believe in. More than 5000 years ago, they brought the gods. The ancient Egyptians observed nature and created their ancient Egyptian mythology.

Prophets like Moses and Jesus Christ lived in Egypt and created a spiritual legacy under God’s rule, leaving behind many stories and lessons that religions have long cherished.

View of the Cairo city skyline from the Alabaster Mosque, the capital of Egypt. Africa
Exteriors of the Alabaster Mosque in the city of Cairo, the capital of Egypt. Africa

They inherited spiritual teachings and books to help mankind in its daily search for truth. good and avoidance of evil. The Egyptians were also influenced by the Muslim conquest of Egypt, which left a mark on the Egyptian identity and significantly influenced it and the behavior of its people after the Messenger of God Muhammad (peace be upon him) brought God’s final divine message to enlighten the world. and guide people from darkness to light. With the help of our team of professional tour operators and specialized Egyptologists, you will have the opportunity to visit the most important spiritual sites and achieve inner peace and tranquility by experiencing Cairo with Fidelis Tours, an operator specialized in religious tours, while following the path of the biblical Exodus and seeing the magnificent temples of Egypt, built by the most famous kings of ancient Egypt, where the religious ceremonies of Egypt were performed more than 3500 years ago.

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