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Other Religious Destinations

And extensions for your pilgrimage

Religious tourism is a style of travel that will fill your soul.

Traveling is discovering, discovering, feeling, and getting to know the wonders that are part of the country’s heritage, culture, and beliefs that have forged the history of humanity. We are going through a new stage in tourism after the difficult times we went through while the Covid-19 pandemic lasted; today, a progressive normalization is underway that opens the door to angles that are once again incomparable with a sense that goes beyond simple architecture.

Religious tourism is motivated by faith, spirituality, devotion, or interest in sacred art heritage that includes all religions of interest to tourists. Inside and outside our borders are unique places where faith and artistic beauty make up symbolic monuments of a specific religion and for lovers of culture.

Religious tourism is a promising and attractive tourism sector since it allows trips to different places; visiting the oldest monuments is crucial for religion and developing art and culture related to any historical event.

In addition, the testimonies of people who have participated in these religious tourism trips attract not only believers but also those who want to learn about the architecture of temples, churches, and various religious buildings, their particular interior decoration, and their surroundings.

Some people take religious journeys to purify their souls and find inner peace and balance. So, the pilgrimage was practiced even before the birth of Christ, and now it is also practiced by many types of tourists.

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    Turkey & Greece Steps from Saint Paul:

    Paul, the Apostle to the Nations, who was not part of the original group of the Twelve Apostles, was chosen by Jesus after his death as an outstanding architect in the construction and spread of Christianity due to his undeniable missionary character, following in the footsteps of Paul, one of the leading figures of Christianity, whose memory is remembered in Turkey during his missionary journey in Asia Minor. On this journey following in his footsteps, you will start with Istanbul and the masterpieces of the Byzantine Church. We continue to emulate the trip when Paul was in Antioch, and it was the first place where the followers of Jesus were called “Christians.”


    On this religious trip from Split to Dubrovnik, you will know two Balkan countries with very different histories and cultures. A trip to Medjugorje is a unique trip to a place that fills you with energy and positive thoughts. A visit to this city will give you motivation for peace and a better life. You will also get to know the historical cities of Split, Dubrovnik, and Mostar. Many travelers look for religious-themed tours that take them on a pilgrimage to one of the most famous shrines in Europe, the Medjugorje Sanctuary. Very close to the border with Bosnia, this place welcomes thousands of people guided by their faith.

    Fatima & Lisbon:

    Portugal is a path of temples, creeds, and religious festivals that can be traveled by faith or a universal spirituality, whether in search of the divine or all things.

    Starting with Fátima, the capital of peace and one of the main places of pilgrimage of Our Lady in the world, there are many reasons to visit, from the church route to the visit of hermitages and houses, passing through a simple, dedicated prayer to the local patron.


    Lourdes is a famous place in Occitania, located in southwest France, close to the Pyrenees. Millions of people visit the holy site of the Virgin Mary every year of Lourdes, whom Catholicism is essential in the world. In addition to being a destination to feel spirituality in every corner, this place is also a privileged place for mountain tourism and lake fun, as Lourdes hides many secrets that will impress not only those who travel alone. For those who want to have fun in great places.

    Marian Shrines of Spain:

    When talking about making a pilgrimage to Spain, the first thing that comes to mind is the famous Camino de Santiago and all the possible routes that lead to the great Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. And it is not for less!

    But other holy buildings are waiting for you and the path to them. The Marian Way arises from the pilgrims’ desire to follow in Mary’s footsteps. It is divided into five stages that connect the prominent sanctuaries of Our Lady: Meritxel, Montserrat, El Pilar, Torreciudad, and Lourdes.

    Rome & Assisi:

    Getting to know its towns and villages will be like traveling back in time, from the powerful and distant Roman Empire, through the glorious and unique Renaissance to the present day. Throughout the geography of Italy, there is an impressive wealth of history, art, culture, and religion. Hundreds of buildings, monuments, churches, cathedrals, sculptures, and paintings testify to its splendor. In Rome, you can breathe the oldest monuments still standing proudly in the city. One of its symbols, a silent witness of more than two thousand years, is the Colosseum, without forgetting the Roman Forum and the Arch of Titus and Diocletian in the same area.

    Egypt & Sinai:

    Egypt is the cradle of civilization, the land of heavenly religions, and the holy place where most of the prophets and messengers have always lived and traveled. With Fidelis Tours, you can enjoy the best of Egypt’s religious and spiritual tours among our fantastic Egypt tours. This type of travel is not new, as Egypt has always been a pilgrimage throughout history, since the dawn of recorded history, when the ancient Egyptians saw their lives as a journey through the outside world in which they believed. More than 5000 years ago, they brought the gods. The ancient Egyptians observed nature and created their ancient Egyptian mythology.

    Types of religious tourism


    It expresses the desire of devotees to the sacred place of worship. Pilgrims have various purposes, such as the desire to pray to God and get closer to Him, seek grace, do God’s work, atone for sins, express gratitude for a good, beautiful event, etc. The pilgrims, contrary to the opinion of some, are not religious fanatics but devout and educated people.

    Because pilgrims travel long distances, they must possess the quality of intelligence to communicate with strangers, as well as the ability to rely on their strength. Modern pilgrims use many of the comforts of civilization to make their journey.

    Religious and cultural tourism.

    Religious tourism implies not only the contemplation of the monuments, buildings, structures, or other objects of the church but also the general knowledge of the culture and religion of a particular place; this is also of educational interest. Tourists in this direction are not seeking to achieve enlightenment or forgive their sins; they want to travel and discover new corners of our world.

    There are many requirements to be able to comply with these trips, but we help you make your trip unforgettable from start to finish; we guide you with all the documents that will allow you to visit a specific country and with all the communities throughout your journey.

    Traveling to participate in religious activities is a unique experience that will change your life, allowing you to see and learn new things about other cultures and religions.

    In addition, you will be able to network with local people and make friends for life. Traveling is a great way to broaden your horizons and improve your understanding of the world. And what is better than visiting beautiful and sacred places while doing it?

    Traveling in a group or with a spiritual tour guide is the best option for those who want to visit places of worship and have an unforgettable experience.

    This way, you can ensure you don’t miss any important details and learn everything you need to know about the place you’re visiting.

    This is the best time to decide and start fulfilling your dreams.
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    Anyone who goes on a pilgrimage will never come back the same.

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