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About Us


Fidelis Tours was born in the city of San Antonio, Texas in 2017, and the following year in Guadalajara, Mexico with the experience and vocation of bringing hope to people who wish to discover spiritual and cultural wealth through a pilgrimage. In March 2020, while other agencies closed operations during the pandemic, Fidelis had exponential growth thanks to being the first to organize virtual pilgrimages through its platform Peregrinar3D.com.

Currently, Fidelis maintains both possibilities of being able to travel in person, virtually, or combined, having commercial agreements with the main operators in Europe that allow it to have a great and varied offer of travel circuits and pilgrimages to the most emblematic religious destinations at the best price. of the world and with different approaches.

We are an international tour operator based in the USA and Mexico, focused on integrating the most complete tour offerings in destinations that promote religious experiences with Catholic spirituality.

To this end, we seek to work with all retail agencies and suppliers that share this specialty, in order to offer a wide range of options at the best prices.

Vision Statement

To be the reference company in America in offering experiences that combine spiritual and cultural growth through travel, pilgrimages, and online experiences in order to contribute to positively impacting the lives of our clients.


To make virtual Catholic pilgrimages to the most emblematic holy places in the world, through the use of the best technology at our disposal and a method of “composition of the place” with the support of a professional network of exhibitors and guides who together offer a complementary and enriched perspective from the different charismas of their Faith and ministries to which they belong with the purpose of provoking in the pilgrims who participate, a strengthening or conversion in their spiritual life, as well as, in the increase of their knowledge in the biblical passages, in history, culture and Christian art.

About the Founders

Rosy Medina and Arturo Lavín founded Fidelis Tours derived from their vocation for service, passion for traveling, and experiences of faith that they share together since they were 17 years old when they met. For a continuous decade, they coordinated groups of young Lasallians from Monterrey, Mexico to carry out missions to the mountains of Durango, retreats, and pilgrimages, among other apostolic and non-profit activities.

They got married in 2002 and since then, because of their jobs and later because of their ventures, they have decided to live in different cities around the world. This explains why each of their four children was born in a different country and/or city, which is why as a family they define themselves as “Global Citizens”, with the goal to keep the best of each place, each experience, the best of each person they meet and in reciprocity also leave the best of each other to their children.

During their lives not everything has been happy, they have had to face challenges and difficulties that they have been able to overcome thanks to the unity between them and their Faith. That is why they also launched a non-profit initiative called “FidelisTalks.com” where they motivate and promote the sharing of testimonies of life that have left a mark with the intention of inspiring families to persevere in love.

They feel called to be bearers of hope wherever God calls them to be. In fidelity to that vocation, they founded Fidelis Tours.

Our Team

Rosy Medina

CoFounder & CEO Peregrinar3D

Dr. Oscar Perdiz

Tour Leader/Doctor of Theology

Fabiana Lavín

Development and organization of Social Networks

Mónica Alcalá

Graphic Designer/Community Manager

Estefy Lavín

Coordination of Youth Groups

Guillermo Arévalo

Audiovisual Production and Editing


10 Differentiators

Catholic Formation

Each of our trips has a spiritual guide: a priest, religious or committed layperson with a proven Catholic formation.

Specialized Speakers

We have a pull of speakers specialized in each destination who, prior to the trip, offer presentations to interested groups.


We have strategic alliances that allow us to be at the forefront of technology applied to travel logistics.

Cultural Tours

Complementing the offer of visits to holy places, we also include unforgettable cultural tours in each city, seeking to be pioneers in the creation of new circuits.

Human Warmth

Great human warmth with which our clients are attended 365 days a year.

Tailor-Made Travel

We do pilgrimages and tailor-made trips with groups of 10 people or more.

All Inclusive

Most of our travel packages are all-inclusive.


We grant one full gratuity for every 15 people.


The accommodations we offer are 3, 4, and 5 stars.


Our trips have musical accompanists that help to live this experience with greater spiritual intensity.

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