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Online Pilgrimage

"The New Way of Pilgrimage"

3D Pilgrimage: “With God, Distinct and at a Distance”

The first virtual pilgrimage platform

Courses/ Pilgrimages ONLINE

Live transmissions

from the most emblematic holy places

Exclusive Courses

destination engravings

You will be able to enjoy extraordinary presentations given in your language by our extensive team of guides: spiritual, touristic, and musical, as well as speakers who not only have extensive professional experience in biblical studies, theology, culture, history, and Christian art but, above all, have the great desire to share with you their testimony of faith.

Accompaniment during the pilgrimage outside of the face-to-face sessions

Through videos recorded by our guides and meditations by our spiritual companion, we will invite pilgrims to complement their weekly experience with these media.

The general objective of the presentations by the exhibitors and guides:

Following the route of what would be a face-to-face tour, the guide and other exhibitors will try to make a rich presentation in images, and videos, in terms of “place composition” that will make it easier for pilgrims to know and feel the voice of God and your invitation to live differently.

Our Speakers

“Pilgrimage3D” develops programs of 4 to 5 online sessions that are taught by speakers with experience and studies in theology, culture, history, spirituality, and Christian art, who broadcast live on the “Video Zoom” platform from the most emblematic holy places around the world.

Hno. Alejandro González

Professor at La Salle University in Belgium.

Fr. Salvador Rosas

President of the Franciscan Fraternity at the Holy Sepulcher

FR. Rubén Tierrablanca, OFM

President of the Turkish Bishops' Conference

Anne Marie Terrenoir

Consecrated of Regnum Christi at Notre Dame Jerusalem Center

Henri Gourinard

Historian and professor at the Polis Institute in Jerusalem.

Javier Pozas

Director of Operations for Saxum
Foundation in the Holy Land

Ana María Gulden

Leading Tour Turkey

Celal Ceyhans

Guide Tour in Turkey

Evelyn Lufan

Certified Tour Guide in Israel

Values of Pilgrimage 3D


It is aimed at people who:

Target that makes up our 80% of participants:

Hispanic Catholic women between the ages of 40 and 70.

Pilgrimage 3D

The first virtual pilgrimage platform in three dimensions: with God, Distinct and Remote. Through live online transmissions from the most emblematic holy sites, you can enjoy extraordinary presentations given in your language by our extensive team of guides….


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